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Andrew Reynolds Smith - Chief Executive Powder Metallurgy and OffHighway

GKN OffHighway designs, manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for the agricultural, construction and mining, and industrial machinery markets.

It is the leading global supplier of off-highway wheels, agricultural power take-off shafts, and high speed shafts for construction and mining equipment.

A service and distribution business supplies GKN’s and other manufacturers’ products to aftermarket wholesalers and distributors.

Sales* 12% of total Group sales
Trading Profit* 18% of total Group trading profit

* on a management basis

New Holland Series T7000 tractor and Series FR9000 Forage harvester
Smart Frame 3000

GKN OffHighway is a first tier supplier to the world’s leading off-highway vehicle manufacturers such as Case New Holland. The New Holland series T 7000 tractor and series FR 9000 forage harvester use wheels, tractor linkages, gearboxes and power take-off shafts manufactured by GKN. During the year the division launched SmartFrame 3000, an innovative chassis and suspension system devised specifically for use on agricultural trailers, including self-loading trailers and manure spreaders.

Technology and Innovation

Next generation of off-highway hub rolls off the production line

GKN’s Vortex hub represents the next generation of the renowned DIAMANT series hub which has been designed to combine the performance of steel hubs used in agricultural vehicles with innovative, technology-led product development.

The Vortex hub, which features an optimised curved radius, offers a number of advantages including a lighter and more efficient structure, an increase to overall torsional stiffness, and increased strength of the housing and external bearings - the components typically under the greatest degree of stress.

In addition to design improvements, the hub is also capable of more efficient manufacture: the hot forging process is made easier by the cleaner lines of the hub, allowing a reduction in raw material use.

The Vortex design is currently being extended across a range of products in Europe and the US.

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