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Automotive Highlights

Nigel Stein - Chief Executive Automotive

Automotive comprises: GKN Driveline and Other Automotive

GKN Driveline is the global leader in the production of constant velocity jointed (CVJ) products for use in light vehicles. It also develops and manufactures a broad range of driveline products which deliver power to a vehicle’s wheels and manage that power to control the dynamic performance of the vehicle. Its European industrial and distribution services business provides a range of components to the passenger vehicle aftermarket, and repairs and replaces heavy duty propshafts.

Other Automotive companies manufacture structural components, engine cylinder liners and substrates for catalytic converters for light vehicle and truck applications.

Sales* 53% of total Group sales
Trading Profit* 41% of total Group trading profit

* on a management basis

Nissan GT-R
Drive Unit

GKN received the prestigious Nissan Global Innovation Award for its contribution to the independent transaxle four wheel drive (4WD) featured in the all-new supercar, the Nissan GT-R. GKN’s high performance, lightweight final drive unit, 4WD coupling and limited slip differential demonstrate GKN’s engineering and production expertise at the highest level.

Technology and Innovation

Debut for GKN torque vectoring technology on BMW X6

In 2008 GKN’s high performance torque vectoring technology made its world debut on the new BMW X6 sports activity coupé. The technology is at the heart of BMW’s new Dynamic Performance Control system, part of BMW’s integrated chassis management package that redefines the dynamic performance, safety and all-terrain ability of powerful SUVs such as the X6.

The dynamic performance and stability control systems on the X6, of which GKN’s torque vectoring products are active components, overcome the tendency of 454s to understeer when cornering under power at speed. In this first production application for BMW, GKN’s torque vectoring hardware units are supplied to system leader ZF, responsible for the final assembly and supply of the Vectordrive rear axle system. GKN also supplies the latest front and rear side shafts for the X6.

The torque vectoring units are based on a modular, cost-effective approach, designed to be easily adaptable to a range of vehicles. The technology is specifically targeted at rear axle applications on premium rear wheel and all wheel drive vehicles. It strengthens GKN’s product range in this segment, which includes an electronically controlled limited slip differential, electronic locking differential and a range of passive limited slip differentials.